The Battle of Oranges

The Carnival of Ivrea is the oldest carnival tradition in Italy, dating back 1808 A.C. and it is one of the most particular festivals in the world.

The carnival reassemble the old story (half true) of the town, when, a hated tyrant reign over .

A Mugnaia, Mullin’s daughter, was obliged to lose her virginity by the tyrant. But during the night she killed him with his own sword and she came out  from the castle balcony with his head hanging off her hand.

This started the civil war between the folk of Ivrea and the Royal Napoleonic Troops, which is what the battle of oranges represents.

The carnival involves everyone in town, from kids to elderly; old traditions that have not changed that much in the years.

Everyone takes pride in their horses, carts, uniforms, throwing skills and everything else that is connected to the carnival.

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