Hebron, a case in point

A stop to Hebron and you shortly realize how complicated the Israeli-Palestinian issue is.

Although Hebron is Palestinian territory, the Israeli settlements are continuously growing all around the city, a “belt” to segregate the Palestinians.

Settlers also occupied second floors in houses in the old town, basically being on top of each other, protections nets were needed to be installed in the old bazaar allies to keep save the Palestinians shoppers who were targeted by the settlers throwing objects from above. This was once a vibrant bazaar and It now is a ghost town, most of the shops run out of business.

Walls are erected, so Palestinians need to follow paths and checkpoints also for short walks in the neighborhood.

Religious places, sacred to both religions are also divided into two sections where Jews and Muslims paths never cross.

Life in Hebron is unbearable for Palestinians, curfew can trap them in their own houses as Israeli police will close the gates to the surrounding Israeli H2 areas.

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