Change of roles

44% of people over 75 are hit by Alzheimer.
The best of me is gone forever, do not ask me to remember or to understand, let me rest.
Let me know you are here on my side, hug me and hold my hands. I’m sad and lost, all I know is that I need you.
Do not lose your patience with me, even if I try to be different I can’t.
Stay on my side and take care of me like I did when you were little.
Do not leave me alone, I love you.

  • My blanket is the best shelter.
  • Change of roles, you fed me and I feed you now.
  • Days watching passively, where am I?
  • I'm restless, let me free.
  • What's that? it does not taste good.
  • I cannot bear what I feel.
  • I know I'm hard work, but I love you.
  • I'm not sure what I want when I need to drink.

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